Finally, A Grateful, Recovered Human Being

I am just a regular guy. People gravitate to my story because of the ironies, like a heroin addicted pharmacist. I spent a year in the Federal Prison system, because apparently I missed the law class where exchanging controlled drugs for ounces of heroin is considered illegal. Barter holds no weight in that regard. Some of that year was spent at Club Fed, Eglin AFB, a prison camp for white collar offenders.

I wrote a memoir, that began during that year and that I published in late 2011. It was terrible, so I am back at it, so stay tuned.

I tend to joke around so I don’t weep uncontrollably. Fact is, lying, cheating, stealing, and manipulating are so engrained in me that I pretended I had just discovered the holy grail of recovery, and put it into my story.

Truth is, 17 of 19 years, I’ve been high. One year ‘clean’ was in jail. Since I smoked weed on the 2nd day of that bid & drank at the Atlanta Sam Adams bar in the airport on my 30th birthday, I didn’t even stay clean for 365 straight days. Not to mention a rather unfortunate experience with what the kids call robo-tripping.

The Suboxone clean time is complete and utter BS. The miracle drug kept me stagnant, made life boring and when I tried to get off, it might has well been methadone.

I am in recovery today. 6/18/14. I haved worked the steps with my sponsor, go to meetings,  and do service, from speaking to sponsoring men. I am accountable, I am at peace and you know what, it feels really great to wake up with a choice today: be selfish or be selfless, and I choose selfless, I choose to live in the solution, so that I can fulfill God’s purpose for me. After all, I wasn’t brought back from 4 flatlines over those years for nothing. That’s a miracle. That’s grace. And that is a gift I am not going to waste today.


4 thoughts on “Finally, A Grateful, Recovered Human Being

    1. Thank you so much Angie. Kind words like that have an immense effect for the good on me. I pull no punches, and never will. Thanks for following me and I look forward to reading your blog as well!

  1. Nice post; I will have to come back later and check out more. I like what you have done with your blog; it has a very nice aesthetic to it. I look forward to reading more.

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