The Current…Future

Space succubus
Space succubus

Shoestring Theories is finished. I am slowly reaching out to get this book out to as many people as possible, beginning in Delray Beach, FL. This is going to be an ongoing process, lining up book signings here and in my hometown of Pittsburgh,  getting involved with recovery networks, speaking, etc.

The memoir is dedicated to my great friend Adam A. who overdosed December 18th, 2014. In the space between December and February, five other people I knew stopped breathing due to fentanyl overdoses, the purely synthetic distant cousin to morphine, 100 times as strong. No need to start with opium, a good chemist can make the shit, and Mexico is pumping it everywhere in the US.

On April 16th, 2015, 10 people overdosed in 24 hours in Pittsburgh, 2 died. When someone famous dies, it catches the media’s attention briefly, then fades away into the background, where it has ALWAYS been. The only reason I survived numerous overdoses myself was what some may call luck, but I choose to call it grace.

Heroin deaths have quadrupled in 13 years, and that study was from 2000-2013. 2014-2015 stats are going to be even more shocking, tragically. So this is important. Vitally.


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