The Fraudulent Files


South Florida is hyped as a recovery mecca. In recovery, one gets well. I can’t explain how much I’ve changed for the better. I use the word recovered, because I worked the steps. I work 10, 11, & 12 daily to the best of my ability. I was exhausted from being a selfish ass hole for so many years. I was tired of hurting people by destroying myself and doing anything to feed the beast.

I’m far from perfect, but I try pretty fuckin hard to be a stand up guy. Those who know me can attest to it. I will help you if you ask. I know what it’s like to be all alone, or at least so shut off from God, friends and family, that it’s literally me floating in a vacuum while the world streams past. I wanted to get well. So I picked a man to sponsor me that was the type of human being I wanted to become.

Apparently not everyone values gratitude, grace, and altruism like I do. That, I attribute to God putting my sponsor in my life. I love to have a good time, and in my wallet there’s a joker, and my medallion. It reminds me of balance, it tells me life is about truly living and having a good time. I want my sponsees to get the gifts the steps gave me, that shift in perspective that allows me to show compassion to any human being I encounter, to handle “life on life’s terms” (don’t get me started again on that phrase) by not turning the world inside out so that I can step into the center of things. I’m just not that important.

When I am deadly serious it is when sponsoring someone and working steps with them. When I went through mine, it was a lesson- in so many ways, but it taught me how to be a sponsor. I happen to have worked mine old school, and last I checked, that worked or we wouldn’t have the plethora anonymous groups we have today. I am not saying I am a great sponsor, but I am qualified, I am most definitely a card carrying member. I’m proud of that.

Now then- If not pictured below, take the rest of this with a grain of salt. If its truth resonates with you, and doesn’t piss you off, let’s try and tighten up on those who constantly put others in danger. If you’re angry and not pictured below, sorry, the truth sets some free, and pisses others off.


Addiction is selfishness. If you are still selfish, you are not helping others. If you offer a hand to someone and have the other out for some sort of payment, you’re not practicing altruism. If you say shit like, people who pick up multiple white chips should be shunned, I have to ask what program are you following. That guy, Bill W., might not have had chips, but had AA been around, he would have picked up multiple white chips. Being that he founded it, well, fuck you. Maybe you don’t understand addiction. That’s not for me to say- I can however comment on actions.

I have a lot of friends, one’s by your logic, I should have shunned. Fuck, I should have turned my back on myself a long time ago. God doesn’t shun anyone. If you’re bigger than God, drop some knowledge on me please. In the interim, I’m going to drop facts on you. Anyone who is a friend of one of my friends, is mine by default. When I get a phone call in the morning about actions, hurtful, self-centered actions, I get pissed. There’s this problem down here- maybe you’ve heard, a lot of people are dying.

As a person, I cannot save anyone. I can offer my help in anyway if that person is willing to get help. I don’t judge sincerity, I just do what I can. I’m a junkie, so I’m pretty good at smelling bullshit. When someone puts their trust in you to help out a friend, and you go from her sleeping on your couch to threatening homelessness over her head if she doesn’t fuck you, well…

That you know she is vulnerable, and you take advantage of that, yeah…That you know she is getting high, and use that against her, to sleep in your bed so you can get laid again, dude… you are all that is wrong with “recovery.” What if this girl, who was so uncomfortable, she slept in her car rather than be inside your place, what if she had overdosed while out there, alone? Her choice right? Yes, it is. There’s this thing though, I learned it from the steps, personal accountability.

It’s not about the other person’s actions, it’s “what did I do?” Step 4 shit, if you’re ignorant to the program. Apparently you did miss that. Recovery isn’t a feeding ground to sleep with girls so you feel just a little better about yourself. Human beings are not self-esteem nourishment, that’s an inside job, accomplished when you reconnect with God and maintain that connection. Worse, you work for recovery communities. Maybe they should market the fact a girl had to leave a halfway because you hit on her repeatedly, and wouldn’t leave it alone. People look up to you as a member of the recovery community? You don’t represent recovery in any way. It’s a fucking disgrace.

Worst of all, you sponsor men. Bad sponsorship kills. Literally. Please stop sponsoring people. That I haven’t said fuck 1000 times in this blog is a miracle. Step 10, make sure to promptly admit you’re wrong. You owe some serious amendsĀ to people. You need to get well or get out of the recovery community.


I’m done.


9 thoughts on “The Fraudulent Files

  1. That is really funny this article is coming from a guy who got his girlfriend pregant and then messaged other girls that lived in a halfway late at night to get laid and at one point in your relationship cheated on her. Don’t write articles you yourself can’t live up too.

    1. First of all, maybe you have me confused with someone else. My name is Michael Janflone, and I have never gotten anyone pregnant, thank God. I can barely take care of myself let alone another human being. Secondly, I haven’t had a girlfriend, because as your cohort points out, I look like Bubbles.
      Thanks for reading though. I don’t even give something that’s a lie a second thought. I did get a great laugh though.

  2. First off this is bias and a 2nd hand source and second off your grammar is horrendous. Your saying you practice the 10th-12th steps on a daily basis and you write a slander piece. CLEARLY you have some more work that needs to be done. Worry about your own self and quite taking other peoples inventory especially if you don’t have the whole story.

    1. I love grammar nazis that don’t know the difference between “your” and “you’re.” Well done “John.”

      I practiced 10, 11, 12 in this because predators are damaging lives and by writing this, a problem is exposed. It needed said. Think if that was your daughter.

    1. I love mature debate. Hey John- how do you know who I am talking about? Thanks by the way, Bubbles is awesome.
      John, pass on to the powers that be, if anyone wants more info, I have 3 other women with stories to tell. It’s not second hand, it comes from one of the parties directly involved and these others have similar stories.
      I am all about entertaining a debate on this topic.

  3. i can respect and somewhat understand your stance- but i have to admit, the way this was written was just poor form. if you are really a “man of the steps” why waste your time with a passive aggressive attack like this. like i said, i get it. but the fact of the matter is, too many people in recovery get too wrapped up in all that is wrong in the world. the world is a fucked up place, whether you are in or out of the rooms. who appointed you judge and jury? just mind your own business and do the next right thing. if i had read this piece as someone not yet in recovery or possibly afraid of it- it would have solidified my fears. jut food for thought friend.

    1. Like I said, think if this was your daughter. Would you want it swept under the rug? If this was a one time occurrence, I wouldn’t have bothered.
      The apathetic, let things be the way they are isn’t cool. If you saw another human being getting beaten to death, would you step in?
      If you don’t get addiction is a disease is a one that ends in death, you might not see the point.
      I respect your opinion though.

  4. Why is everyone writing bad reply o bet if someone was talking about your character defects you guys would kill you self he said I’m not perfect end of storie you don’t works program if your even judeing the kid your obviously not working 10-12 if you say disrespectful stuff . I hope everyone see there own truth as well as me . But for the people commenting what if a new comer reads this and comes to a meeting because of it I hope you see your truth and stop being so judge mental because what u thing. Is none of your business and what u think of others is none of your business

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