And This Is What Happens When Greed Masquerades As Help


I remember the feeling of desperation I felt when I was told I couldn’t get into DAF unless I had $6000, because that’s just what I would spend it on. Any glimmer of hope I had, evaporated when the lady told me that, I had no where else to go, and for some reason, Florida does not believe in homeless shelters. Then she saw that I had used, and I got into detox.

One man’s desperation need not reflect another’s, we all have our journey, but we are all sick when we go into any rehab facility. I literally had to drag myself into DAF. The most spartan place ever, the place I hated because it made me look at the devil in the mirror. I swear the vultures circled that place all the time, not just over the admission building. If an addict doesn’t go to that place, a non-profit rehab (WTF? Those exist?), there are plenty down here willing to treat the sick and suffering, if they have insurance of course. If not, many will help you get some Obamacare in your life. Make no mistake, these vultures don’t have wings, just steroid inflated, tattoo covered arms and the slightest hint of brown sugar from the vape cloud they emerge from.

Time to turn your attention to this- Cigna Tired of Getting Pissed On (Ok, not the real title of the Palm Beach Post’s story, but it should be.) I am pretty sure in some of my rants on “Recovery”¬† and Delray Beach I mentioned this fact that greed is going to fuck it up for someone who really needs help. Why is it so hard to do the right thing? To get paid for legitimate services, not gouge the fuck out of insurance companies (I hate them too, because well, they are as greedy as fuck too) by aligning with diagnostic companies to perform $3000 urinalyses? So, now, someone who overdoses and is saved, wants to get into a treatment center might get denied. a $10 dipstick test and some awareness is all you really need to know if someone is high. We smell our own kind and sure as shit know when someone is fucked up.

Heads up California- you’re next as these scumbags leave Florida for the next opportunity to rape and pillage on the backs of an addict’s insurance coverage. So to all you fake-ass mother fuckers talking this recovery game to parents in New Jersey, bring it. Before the IRS and FBI bring it. Before you get sodomized in a prison cell for your straight fraudulence, please, tell me what a difference you’ve made, while you date 3 female clients secretly, in between trips to the gym and tattoo parlor, and how steroids are ok because they certainly aren’t mood altering, get all built because in the end, you’re still insecure little boys, in the end you haven’t discovered the true gifts of a close relationship with God.

Help to help. I don’t want to see it on your Facebook pages, because maybe I know someone who lived with you- who saw you with a different girl 3 nights a week, who cried like a bitch when one of them left, who gave Suboxone and Xanax to your sponsee (killer combo by the way), yet you have the fucking gall to trumpet how awesome you are as an interventionist, how you made this big difference for people. Maybe humbly thank God for that opportunity to help another human being. Maybe not date her out of the rehab you got her into, take her out on her insurance money your buddy got for getting her in and gave you another kickback.

In case you haven’t noticed, and maybe you haven’t because you one upped Jesus, walking on air, so there’s a lot of us you never see, but a lot of people who were here have passed on to the next phase of life. On to another “pillar” of recovery – again, very similar circumstances, you took from her what you wanted, she trusted you, you promised her the world and threw her out with the trash, because the next one you rescued had a better ass. Well, the lesser ass isn’t decaying, she’s just ashes in the ocean. She made her choices sure. We’re supposed to be the ones who get people clean. that guide them through the steps, to give back what was given to us, not overcharged to Cigna.

It’s not about people, places and things, because those are in abundance down here. It’s about neutrality. Things people through the steps should know, should live. Selfless. Altruism. This shit turns my stomach.

Karma, its debts always are collected upon.


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