Independent Breaks #1

What this is – A friend of mine and I have been writing back and forth prose. It’s part experiment to see how something unplanned grows into its own thing, and part exercise to get me writing. It’s independent of the other, but I know some things trigger a blip in my creativity. It helps she’s got that raw factor to go with her talent. I’ll call her out when I get her blessing, but for now, just a preview, complete with trashy romance novels of the distant past:


She turns my nightmares fantastical
She twists me inside out
Left dizzy with the room angry
In so deep all her cons have turned rosy pros

Lying that she completes me
I just never knew how delicate hands
Can dissect artfully, sublimely.
Trace her face in my memories
Slipping away deeper inside
An illusion as old as time…

In midst my disappearing act, I was found & persistently questioned…
As to why a slender frame, beautiful mind & aching soul still lay alone?
He rung my sorrows out, relieving me of my breath, reassuring me that a man of his type had no time for ill minded boy-ish games,
My heart rejoiced a grateful hymn…
One of which I’ve never heard.
Drinking from the same glass, we toasted to a future of false realities & make shift promises
The story that lies behind closed doors will take an army to open, the steel welded shut for your own protection.


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