The Now

Deep in the editing process. But this blog shows the gift we give to others when we accept the grace God freely gives. As I get ready to pick up a year, I remember my friend’s parents being there. I cried at that moment because I couldn’t wait to share that moment with my own parents.

Shar Jones

Today, as I lay here in Florida reflecting… I privately celebrate how far we’ve come. I’m here visiting my sister. I made a surprise visit to see her, and it’s been good.

Reflecting, I acknowledge that the past several years have been filled with heartbreak, joy, and yes, change. Some change has been significant, or nonexistent. But, I’m happy to report I’m still here. Still filled at times with worry and confusion, and a smile in my heart. And yes, faith, hope.

In celebration of the amazing women in my family, I am happy to report that we are strong, and united like never before.

Amidst all the posts on Facebook from proud moms and dads sharing prom photos, announcements of graduations, marriages, and babies being born, young people making plans to go off to college. I too slip in this. My daughter has 95 days clean and sober today.

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