Come Along for the Ride


Come Along for the Ride

One of these days I am going to fade away
My last breath will ride the breeze
One that will caress her cheek
Miles away, one last touch
With that, my sins dissipate
Lost in the vapors
At peace, at last

Never feel sad
Never carry the guilt I clutched
I bled with no one to mend my wounds
Tears rolled down my cheek,
A silent splash on my floor
Think I had a lot of love to give
Too wrapped up in the pain
Too fucked up in the head to take the chance
What could have been will never be
She was my fantasy
My dream, eyes deep azure pools
I could drown in forever

Stare into me, wade through the filth
Past the scars, into my soul
The purity that I buried
Underneath all the fear
The crush of my tainted realities
Is a man who would have died for you
Instead I rest unspent
A waste of something perfect
She is my finest tragedy
Except the march of time
Has passed me by
Just as her silence grinds me into the ground
Dust to dust, pleasure finally rests



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