OK – WARNING : This is my new blog, I am going to keep Blurred Clarity more recovery oriented, and this one is so straight wrong, it has no choice but to be right. There will be cursing, you will be disappointed in yourself for laughing at any of this, but hey, click it to experience it.

The Cultural Oasis


Tinder…don’t act like you don’t know what it is…or that you are not swiping, maybe in even straight not looking and swiping right  for every single person, you know who I am talking about. I am on it. I downloaded it, it’s an ever spawning derailing trainwreck. And since you all know what this ‘app’ is about, I will say the things you all want to say, but won’t because the political correctness vibe is so powerful in this day and age.

Yes, I get it, you are not on a ‘dating’ site that is based solely on looks, to hook up. You just find the application form for eHarmony or Match way too cumbersome, looking for a soulmate shouldn’t be that intensive. Much easier to swipe right or left and see what horny guy (Seriously, what is EVERY guy on Tinder looking for) finds them attractive enough to screw…

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