You Are Doing It Really Wrong

Pretty sure when it comes to wasting time, which today for me is in short supply, I love nothing more than browsing memes, always good for a laugh, and no doubt speaks to lack of vision as to the creators’ probably noble intentions of making a pretty much world wide web. When starting anexperiment involving most of humankind, sorry North Koreans, Chinese, you will miss out once again on aimless ramblings, things I like to call insights, regarding nothing right now, hopefully something comes to me as I idly tap keys and form sentences on autopilot, since my head is wrapped around something crazy. Guess I could talk about that, lest one particular reader gets a big head, but I was talking to a few people recently about randomness. We like to call it by different names, serendipity, fate, destiny when positive, and bad, even tragic luck, shit happens when bad. My one wish for everyone on this planet is to feel inside the type of indescribable peace that has laid down roots in my heart. Being grateful, paying attention to the world around me, versus thinking everything revolves around me, my intentions and wants, produces opportunity. Every single day. I wrote in the preface to my now at the editor memoir, Shoestring Theories, my story isn’t a how-to book on recovery, that was published back in 1939. Get a copy. Get the app version if you feel books are so pre-Kindle, but maybe it is a story that can resonate as a little bit of hope. So, back a few blogs ago, I wrote a paragraph about my ideal woman, which reads like this:

She would have a beautiful soul. She would be battle-tested, treasuring the losses for the wisdom gained more than the spoils of victory. She would be peaceful, seeing splendor in a miniscule moment, a splash of rain of a flower petal, yet she has a yearning to get out and explore the world. She would have eyes that connect to her heart and a smile that makes the worst day turn out perfect. She would have a quiet confidence; she would demand respect and respond in kind. She would know there is nothing random, that something out there in the ether has a dream life in store for her as long as she stays true to love and is grateful for the simple things. She can admit her wrongs and strive to do right. My ideal woman knows herself, loves who she is, makes her weaknesses strengths, and gets life is about kindness, helping out other human beings wherever possible. Not for acclaim, but joy. A helping hand’s worth  is beyond a fool’s gold.

I realize this is akin to a flashback episode of a TV series, where new material is scant, where creativity hits the brick wall. But it’s not. It kind of gives me chills. The original, written on 9/22, is here in case someone is doubting the coincidences rampant in that description. While this is pretty much a way of saying things to someone without saying them, it speaks to life being really amazing if my focus is clear and my intentions pure. Roll the dice, take a chance? Maybe acting on a situation, but the randomness of this moment, from this U2 song playing (yeah, you have to work for it) to the see the world confidence, allows clarity to enjoy the moment and make today beautiful when I pay attention and follow a spiritual path.

Do that & You’re doing it right.



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