Detachment from the Racket


Nothing gives obesity and diabetes a healthy head start like 7-up. Yes, when baby won’t take breast milk anymore, feed him carbonated sugar water so he gets the proper nutrition a growing baby needs. All hail the soda pop lobby.

In all actuality, I wanted to actually write something serious for a change. One of the popular sayings of the moment is the struggle is real. I say it a lot, just one of those flash in the pan things, like the classic from 2013, I ain’t about that life. Ah yes, the golden oldies of the digital age.

The struggle is as real as I believe it to be in my head. As an unknowingly narissistic drain on my surroundings, i.e. the constant victim deserving of all the self-destruction I could swallow, I was nothing but a selfish, self-seeking prick. Feels good to say that, confession is freeing if I can truly pay attention and get myself out of the way, because the counterbalance to my sins is service to fellow human beings.

“At last, that’s not me.” – Radiohead

Ledge drifter, edge tempter
Scarred medicater, scared risk taker
Silent happenings, dinned trappings
Boy genius soured
Ignorantly attached to deflower
Virgin sanity, turned out vanity
Face valued, lines and all

Primal joy slipped on the way home
Star gazing at the collapsing void
Said things are just routine
All in the company kept
Again and again and again
Skip the names I can’t remember
Confess my piece,
So I can embrace the peace

At last, that’s not me.
Live a life in kind
Eyes wide open
Ears that listen
It’s a complicated multimedia existence
But in the end the struggle unwinds
A quiet mind never tires
Every sense in tune with nature’s heartbeat
Doing the right thing

7-Up won’t get it done, no matter what the 1950’s tell me. Sugar rushes as false as some others I used to call suicidal nirvana. I don’t get how I had such a cosmic shift inside my heart- actually I do, it was God-given, and this time I paid attention, albeit I had a flashing neon sign from above that Helen Keller would have seen. Sorry, by now that type of comment should be readily expected. I am sorry, she was truly an amazing woman, seriously, check her out here – quiz time:

Will clicking on the link take you to:
A. Info about Helen Keller
B. A Meme saying “What hurricane?”
C. Japanese Porn
D. My Writing FB page so you can like it

No cheating. And remember this, a decision made out of fear is never going to be right, it’s far better to ask God for the faith that your will & His are aligned. With that, the struggle is as fake as many of Boca’s…no…be spiritual Mike – with that, the struggle is non-existent. I am thankful for that understanding.

Find peace. No sense being miserable any longer. Be grateful for today.


PS For those who chose B, C, D, you are wrong and sick in the head for thinking I am sick in the head.


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