Obsidian Tulips and Golden Cowries

Value: relative worth, merit, or importance.
Ignorance:  lack of knowledge, learning, information.

Pretty warped today, pretty tired. Who announces getting on a trolley that “I’m schizophrenic…” and then asks a question and doesn’t appreciate someone trying to help them get the answer? In the end, my buddy, an innocent party to the whole mess was spit on, and told “I have diseases,  too.”

That was 8:30AM. It’s almost 4:00. Since then my buddy has scrubbed his hands raw, getting all Lady MacBethian on us all, worried about catching the insanity one more time. Thank god that shit isn’t contagious, or I would have wiped out small towns and worked my way to major metropolises, or metropoli – it’s a spelling error, but way cooler to say, I am thinking of traveling his next month to hit the major metropoli of Europe, you know Rome, Paris, etc.

Random quote time:

To be ignorant of one’s ignorance is the malady of ignorance.  ~A. Bronson Alcott

Might interest you to know Mr. Alcott was a vegan, dug women’s rights and was not a fan of slavery either. Apparently his life fell apart after an Indian came by and sold him a piece of fool’s gold and a deed for a bridge in Brooklyn, for everything he had. So he to take his pet panda bear, Wing Wang,up the road. They ended up in Vermont, penning tales of science fiction while nursing their collective cirrhosis’s or cirrhosi of the liver on scotch and moonshine until Woody Allen wrote a new movie and pulled him behind the curtain an alien artifact in fact…..terrible interjection, but it spins romantic or it will in a little while if I have the guts to pull it off.

I swear I am tying all of this together. Wish I could figure out how to include Antonio Brown’s awesome kick to the Brown’s punter’s head. I can revel in that violence because everyone has pads on and its entertainment, but Ray Rice is a scumbag.

Another thing:

 A genius is one who shoots at something no one else can see — and hits it. ~Author Unknown 

Petty sure the unknown had me in mind a few months ago, sitting in my room alone, well, yeah, junkie references can be ironically jammed into random moments. Just takes practice, and some messed up perspective.

Ok, who has the needle and thread, I lost 2 buttons on my shirt today, but I can adapt, the extra is attached and really the top button can get transplanted, because as we transplants know all too well, no one buttons that one in South Florida, it’s completely ignored, the second one down becomes the top de facto, and de jure, one of the few times my practices jived with the laws of life.

The funny thing is, all of this is true, minus the extended downward spiral of ungrounded hope from our guy Amos, from the spit to the buttons, and yes, where I was 83 days ago was in a bathroom, hidden from the world, shooting at something alright, no one saw it or would ever dream of me seeing it, that last shot of dope, my last shot at real hope. I hit.

Value, what’s important? My things of worth, merit and importance have nothing to do with material bs, really, does the newest iPhone I wasted hours standing in line for, or the newest iPad that finally has 4G so I can pull up my Facebook faster than the guy sitting next to me, make me better? Maybe not, maybe so, but throw in a Bentley, and I am pre-bubble Tulip, when the mania of the masses pushed fantasies into the feasibility of growing so bloated with wealth from a flower bulb, the ignorant didn’t see their ignorance, or whatever the guy’s Panda wrote in maple syrup on the pine wood floors of their cabin of solitude.

What’s valuable? Can a smart guy be stupid? Is it all perspective, the simple thought of I need to understand I am blessed to be alive, fed, employed, etc. I am lucky to be alive, to not be in jail, in the ground, or in the lost and never found. Genius IQ is close to insanity, so me feeling sad for the schizophrenic, that’s where I am at, because I am nothing more than a human being, same as you, that values life and love, love that produces peace.

I am out of time, and didn’t get it all out, love was next, but can’t fight the timing. Another day then J.




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