Speed Round

Nothing to say, nothing can be something I guess, so let’s roll with that. Something can be anything if one’s mind is open, and one has experienced enough to have a pretty decent sized file cabinet of life to pull out and review. Anything, randomness, sometimes the seemingly random is anything but, and everything after but is normally bull. That’s what they say, the mythical group consciousness of the scholarly, the wise? Who exactly are they?

There’s a topic, when nothing comes to mind, all those wonderful theoretical mantras that others dole out like doting parents. “You should have listened to me.” Say hello and goodbye and it’s time to move on because I am hungry, and wonder what the collective soul has to say about what’s good out there. Kind in the mood for some greasy burger, fried egg and all. And by all, I mean coleslaw (from the Dutch, koolsla, or cabbage salad) and fries, because well, they know, but this group is defined. They are right now simultaneously watching the Pirates, reveling in Pitt’s victory last night, and prepping for the opener tomorrow. Johnny Football indeed. Back on topic though, which was nothing at all to say, so I can continue to fill up space with words that carry little weight, after all, they are just bits of data, floating around some cloud, the same clouds dumping rain on the sidewalk, naked pictures of movie stars, maybe some banking or credit card info, all of which reaffirms why I bury my cash & naked pictures in a waterproof vessel.

Nothing brings me to something. Something that’s been on my mind.

Who I am today.

Ever meet a stranger in the mirror? Look into those eyes and see who is looking back for the first time? Someone stares back, a life in those once dead viewers of the world and all its space. Kind of freaky not knowing yourself. I’ve been disconnected, long before a needle went in my arm, that much I know, that much is a start and taking inventory gets me a little further into the story. I am weaknesses juxtaposed with strengths so that each makes me a better person. That might not make any sense, how can I compare a frailty with an asset? Maybe because the lesson has been learned, time to stop tackling brick walls, time to enjoy the simple things like feeding Binks, the stray cat.

Every hurt a lie caused in the past, gives me satisfaction for being honest today. Eventually, I will make up for my sins. Following order. I can go on. Weave a line in here, splice a word there, finding my way in a world infinite and taking my time to enjoy it.

That would mean it’s time for anything. Guess that just summed that word up pretty quickly. If you didn’t follow-

Make something from nothing and you can do anything. It might be random that you got here, and so were the words for a while , but now it’s all Jell-O. Or cheesecake. After all:

Gratitude is an art of painting an adversity into a lovely picture. ~Kak Sri

And art takes practice.

Go Steelers! And Buccos!



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