Psycho Babble



Psycho Babble

Decay on display these days
Stale memories swelter under her glare
Maybe went into it a bit soon
Should have let nature do its thing
Pick a carcass clean
Sun bleached bones match her hair
Face to face fears
Can’t hold on when flesh falls off the bone
Overcooked, under seasoned, bam
What’s so wrong with today that the past clouds the sunset?

The Great Promiser…
Fell down a long time ago
Every word already skinned and sauteed
Flavor enhanced, salty sweet with some heat

Couch sessions not doing anything
My lies sooth any help asleep
Great at the game just miss the point
Pop Rocks and Fun Dip
I need a cup of coffee
To settle my nerves
Must be crazy to agree
Somewhere in the middle isn’t necessarily in between
Homing pigeons as lost as me
Dropping luck from above
While the wicked pick on the frail
And angels weep in the moonlight
To wash off the bird shit
Because that is where I am at today

Diagnosis Doc?
“Can you come back next Friday?”
“Patience is the companion to wisdom.”
“Well, my fortune cookie told me ‘It’s better to be alone sometimes’.”
“Yeah, but greatness alone is not enough, or the cow would outrun the hare.”
With that, an exit, a slip and fall down the stairs
Into the stars
And the arms of a stranger
Looks like my pigeon ate a blueberry for  breakfast
Looks like I picked the wrong day to stop twisting fate
Looks like…
A chance to walk that talk
I’m going home…
At peace




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