Mind Switch Frozen On in the Summer Fire

Once Around the Block On Splintered Stilts

One pop, two pop, crimson river flows against the current, washing my sins from the moment. You have time, she has a dime, and me, well I burnt out my retina staring into the wish of a shooting star. Incognito intentions dissected and laid bare for the uneducated to learn, twisted teaching aid in a fragment of yesterday’s grace. Second fiddle with some broken strings, wonder where I am left, thumbing my way into tomorrow’s abyss. I am a little bit everything, I am obviously too much nothing to get the job done.

Piece peace into something held eternally, a soul sear that felt oh so right. Wonder wander and no surprises direction is lost. Weeble wobble, how I miss those days. Where my faith teeter tottered, and solace isolated me from myself.  Sick secret buried under a thousand layers of conscience, add it up, subtract the executed from the shoe box of lost memories. Keep it clever, bend a word, snap a lie into 2 truths. Wheel and deal, sick enough to steal.

In a name? God-like, somehow taken to heart in an arrogant, subconscious manner, and the list of ironies is too long to repeat. Sinners saints, saints sinners, but my tragic flaw seems to slide down deep. Suffer unholy amounts for a taste of purity, and once the truth shines, life in all its vibrant colors, bursts through the gray tones. Turn the page, but mind your manners and direction. Contemplate a shallow exit in the deep side of chaos. Kleptomaniac and flesh is on sale, tear it, sew it back up and sell it back for full price. Call it the red light special, the faintest hints of jealousy rear up and strike, venom slightly fun, flaccid remnants and heated Polaroid pictures, pinned to the ceiling like all the dreams my novelty catcher failed to snare.

Just like you, I save up change for a cornerstone purchase, headstone without a proper epithet, one way tickets expire mid-air. Who is the coward now?  Want to write a sentence only a dyslexic could love, but it’s not as easy as it seems…Random thought- Do Japanese, Chinese, have dyslexia? Back to what I am trying to pull off. God swang deep, sleep stressed, lived a gateman denim diaper…….I will let that one seep in now. All about how you see what you see. That wonderful word, perspective, and mine runs the gambit, an exercise of extremes, unable to balance in the middle, lasting outside fear with a toothpick stuck in the pupil of faith’s second sight.

Here I am, alive and well. A mystery unraveled, a challenge torn from the past. Way back. When my soul was torn in two. Spent every lifetime getting here, where a chance encounter with a stranger turns out to be the seer of my destiny. Offers a riddle to unwind time, force-fed focus, fall in line. Said all of it is just randomness…and isn’t that just it, as bodies collide, minds attempt to justify what just is not there. Until the reality of beauty is staring you in the face, until my heart beat quickens its pace, a touch that reunites, and ignites life.

Taking my time and tired of wasting away. Stay away unless your words translate into action, I know how to talk a good game, but if you ask around town I deliver the goods. The bad, skipping the ugly for that reach at meaning. Time for bed, a whole lot of words strung together, a whole lot of life glued to the floor. This one, well, that is entirely left up to you. See darkness smother the light, or guide the beam through night. One’s man dusk might just be your dawn. So wrap up the gift, treasure the act, the truth of giving the sweetest reward. Karma debt paid, all the love in my life pure.


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