Pieced Together, Peace Together

Never been Destiny’s darling
My life a series of unravels
Tattered sanity slipping
On those Vaseline intentions
Until I unknowingly saw my future
Standing with her back turned
Short black skirt & a blue jean jacket
This is etched in my brain

3650 days pass
But not my memories
Somehow it’s vivid through the chemical fog
The moon and stars on purple cotton
Just one night, I held fate

Now reality smacks me in the face
At my absolute lowest
Booking a ticket to nowhere
Giving the world its sad silence
No more wondering where I am
Incomplete transaction
Interrupted by an angel
Forced to think
Maybe the sign too powerful
The coincidences adding up
And I can’t escape the answer
She’s everything I’ve waited for
Lie my head down
Lay my thoughts out…

Adding it all up
The pieces fate left for me
Make a picture
Of her
On that night
Except it’s present day
And everything is different
I am alive in her
I am at peace next to her
My emotions swim in those eyes
Everything pure
From a mere touch
To the sweetest embrace
I am lost because I have found the one

Clearest night, I smile
Look up at the moon
Gaze at the stars
Full circle to the moment
It all began
No matter the distance
I feel her right next to me
She is my reason
A dream I imagined
Blown away by reality
My life calm
My heart on fire
Destiny’s darling is here
Fate shines
Waiting patiently
Until love walks back in the door
To create the next set of the best memories
Spectacular, heaven chokes back its tears
At the fulfillment of its greatest work

The longest roads intersect
At the perfect moment
Always with me
Her grace has made us stars



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