Chillin at the Holidae Inn — Chingy feat. Snoop

Yeah, more absenteeism, and with all due apologies, I have come to learn the every word written in these posts is dissected and pasted back into a new picture to suit certain readers assumptions. Writing is art, art is open to interpretation, and its great that only the person writing it and the person it is directed to, truly understand…let’s stop beating around the bush, as there is none.

Yesterday was the most incredible day in my life. I finally understood Madonna’s Like A Virgin song…That’s not entirely true, but I figured out that sex can be the most amazing high ever experienced, when the foundation for a relationship is laid down first. You always here how the “better half” is one’s best friend. In my case, this is true, and it began far before I had any sort of feelings for her physically. A best friend is staunch in her support for me, that listens and doesn’t judge. A best friend knows my fragility is beautiful and doesn’t turn her back on me if  I slip. Rather, she reaches out her hand to pick me up.

After any bad relationship, the ext in line fears they are nothing but a rebound, and I went through a few dates and a hook up, left feeling more dead inside than when I began this little experiment. I was dead inside, my heart was empty, and any ideas of soul mates and destiny were just as empty. I was slipping back into the mechanical MIke, the guy who uses, just to get a taste. ANd then a funny thing happened, sitting face to face with my best friend, a flicker inside my heart, started an idea smoldering. Recently life was a whirlwind, culminating inside  true beauty. Face-to face, every emotion raw and pure, poured into each other.

Passion has left me wanting so much more. Weakened legs and ear to ear glowing smiles. Funny thing is, none of this unfolded like I would have chosen for it to, but fate made it perfect. One building block on top of another, until we stand way up high, and gaze down on what love used to mean. We went our separate ways as always, and the pain of going our different ways was not there, instead replaced by a foreign purity, that leaves eyes ablaze, lips perma-smiled and skin radiant.

So often we want to find our soul mate, our “one” that we eagerly slap a label on our significant other. There was zero thought with her…Every quality is there, not one is looked over. Beauty, inner and outer, humor, intelligence, true understanding of me, where I have been and the struggle to get where I need to be.She is perfect in my eyes. Every moment spent together is another perfect moment, and yesterday takes the cupcake and then some. She is immaculate in mind, body and soul. She is my everything. The words I thought had died out long ago inside my head were kept alive in my heart, waiting for a true angel’s spark. I found her right in front of me, the one that heard me cry, that held m hand and told me it would be okay….All of that was proven yesterday, without any lust tainting the passion, without any pain to ebb. It was all just perfection, from the first kiss to the last. The power of understanding that this woman is the one, that in my eyes, she shines perfect, today my life begins down a new path, without the detours. Someday hand in hand, a shanty Vegas chapel and vows that will always be held true to each of our hearts.

“Your eyes shine through me
You are so divine to me
Your heart has a home in mine
We won’t have to say a word
With a touch all shall be heard
When I search my heart it’s you I find”

“My beloved one, my beloved one, my beloved one”   — Ben Harper, Beloved One

Peace & a whole lotta love -MFJ

Thank you. Never


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