Journey Deep

Buzz-saw intentions
Suicidal slipped discs
Lodged in between
The cracks of time
Covered sins in grime
Beside a lie
Caged freedom tight

Gasoline soaked sanity
Waiting on the crash
For Fate’s spark
Waiting on tomorrow
To follow me
I just want to be home
Not some dot
On a Google map.

Tracing lives
Destiny’s GPS
Isn’t some atlas
Roads and highways
It’s all about detours
Forks in the road
With zero guidance
In 210 feet, bear left or right

That’s all up to you

Sometimes we pick the wrong  route
That 4-star restaurant changed owners
Serves 1-star slop, and I can’t believe
I ordered the special on a Monday
Kitchen Confidential taught me better
Throwing her up from my heart
Shoving her off my soul
Everything wrong
Shows me what choice is right
The fever passes, the lonely chill ebbs
Get through it – fight

And today it all makes sense
You have arrived at your destination
The place that defines home
Sorry for the long way around
The twists and turns in life necessary
To avoid ruining the dream
What good would I have been
Had to go down the wrong path
As did she
Meet at the right moment
At the perfect place
Life begins here
Take the exit
To her heart…



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