My publicist, more importantly, my friend, putting in work!


Since I started this blog, I have received many requests.  I’m am going to attempt to wrap all my tributes into one flowing post, no longer than the others.  So, here goes my attempt at being an “Artful Dodger.”  (Not a request, but a tribute to Charles Dickens, who is scheduled to turn 200 within the next week)

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, there was a little boy who started up a telemarketing empire with his own bare voice.  (Today, 12 years later, they are informing people that yet again, management has misappropriated funds enough to not be able to pay their payroll–Living paycheck to paycheck should be done with, for a business, after 3 years!)

In this particular business, we made a habit of taking advantage of people, selling magazines, five at a time for five years at a time.  (

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